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Singlebrook Technology of Ithaca NY, recently
announced that Forum for the Future, a London-based
charity with offices in New York City, and the publisher of
Green Futures Magazine, will receive the first iPhone
application in Singlebrook’s Sustainable iPhone App

Singlebrook is donating up to 50 hours of development
time to create the iPhone application, which is titled
“Green Futures Inspire”. The app will be designed to give
Forum for the Future clients and friends, and Green
Futures Magazine readers, timely articles about
sustainability from the magazine. App users can then rate
the stories based on how inspired they are by the article.

Development of the iPhone application is expected to
begin by the end of the year.

The Green Futures Inspire iPhone app will offer a daily
“nugget” of sustainability in different categories, covering
topics such as technology, design, urban development,
transportation and more. Articles may be about, but would
not be limited to, paint-on organic solar panels, or a
scalable design for radical urban “agritecture,” complete
with links to further data and sources. A “read more” and a
“save” function will allow users to read the full article, and
save their favorite nuggets. A colored bar called the
“Inspirometer” will allow users to rate how much the article
inspires them. Users will also be able to post the articles
on Facebook and Twitter.

Singlebrook created the Sustainable iPhone App
Program in early 2010, shortly after being designated as a
certified B-Corporation, which required it to amend its
governing documents to incorporate the interests of
employees, suppliers, community, and the environment
into its business efforts, while also working to address
and solve social and environmental issues.

Organizations in 17 cities representing 9 states submitted
proposals. Singlebrook received entries from as far away
as California, Washington, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, and
Connecticut. 16% of the entries came from other certified

Singlebrook CEO Elisa Miller-Out says, “We chose the
Forum for the Future "Inspire" app because it will reach
thousands of sustainability professionals and give them
regular updates about new solutions in their field that will
help them improve their performance. For example, a
solar panel manufacturer might learn about the availability
of a new part that will make their panels more efficient and
save their customers money. The app will put inspirational
and practical solutions into the hands of people that are
making a difference in the world. We believe the app will
make a huge impact.”

The non-profit
Forum for the Future, works with business
leaders and the public sector to create a green, fair, and
prosperous world. It was founded in 1996 and works with
companies to help them re-engineer their operations, and
change attitudes among their employees and customers
to create a more sustainable future. Clients include
Pepsico and Vodaphone.

Green Futures Magazine, focuses on how to achieve a
sustainable future that’s both practical and attractive. It
does so by pulling together news, opinion, and debate
with compelling stories and cutting edge examples.

About Singlebrook: Singlebrook Technology, Inc is an
Ithaca, NY web and mobile technology development firm
specializing in the creation of custom code and database
software. The company was established in 2006 and
employs seven people. It serves both not-for-profit and
for-profit organizations, with an emphasis on mission-
driven organizations such as educational institutions,
foundations, and other mission-oriented market sectors.
Current and past clients include several departments at
Cornell University, Hitachi, the American Chiropractic
Association, EarthColor, Mission Markets, the Association
to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, and others.

Singlebrook Technology is one of 315 organizations in
the United States, and one of two in Tompkins County,
NY, to be designated as a certified B-Corporation.
Designations are awarded by
B-Lab, a non-profit
organization that has established legal, and performance
standards for organizations desiring the certification.

For more information about Singlebrook Technology, Inc.
Ithaca Public Relations   159 Snyder Hill Road   Ithaca, NY 14850   607-280-3840   info@ithacapr.com
SINGLEBROOK TECHNOLOGY                                                                 ABeCeDARIAN COMPANY
ABeCeDarian Company President Dr. Michael Bend of
Ithaca, NY and Author/Illustrator Dr. Andrea Hazard of
Danby, NY, recently announced the launch of an illustrated
series of 10 companion storybooks for the ABeCeDarian
Company Reading Program.

The announcement caps a collaboration that began in
2009, and follows a preview of the storybooks at the 2010
Ithaca Festival. ABeCeDarian Company sponsored the
Ithaca Festival’s Family Fun Area this year.

ABeCeDarian Company publishes and distributes the
ABeCeDarian Reading Program, a comprehensive,
research-based step-by-step curriculum for students
reading at kindergarten to 6th grade level. It’s used by
special education teachers, reading specialists,
classroom teachers and homeschoolers across the
country. It emphasizes phonemic awareness, phonics,
and fluency by having students do simple activities such
as tapping on the letter, which helps them associate
letters with sounds. The program and storybooks are
targeted toward special education teachers, reading
specialists, classroom teachers, and students who are

The companion storybooks accompany the very
beginning level of the program and are appropriate for
children ages five and six.

A one-minute video of a 6-year-old student reading one of
the storybooks is available on

The storybooks were written by Hazard and edited by
Bend. They directly correspond to and complement the
program’s curriculum. The stories introduce letter sounds
in the same sequence that they are presented in the
curriculum so students never have to guess at a word
when reading. As a result, children come to read the
storybooks fluently in a very short time.

Bend, who has a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Education, has
worked with students with learning difficulties for 30 years
as a classroom teacher, instructor at the university level,
and as a learning center director at a community center,
The ABeCeDarian Reading Program and storybooks were
designed and developed to use the learning
methodologies Bend found to be most successful, based
on his experience.

ABeCeDarian Company also provides tutoring services.
Hazard and Bend initially met in 2009 at a meeting about
group-tutoring classes for several grade school children.
Hazard, who has a doctorate in biochemistry, is also an
author and illustrator. The meeting led to the collaboration
on the storybooks, for which Hazard created 10 stories
accompanied by 190 charming illustrations.

About Michael Bend and ABeCeDarian Company:
Michael Bend, president and founder of ABeCeDarian
Company, earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Education
from the University of Delaware. He founded the company
in 2000, and locally, has been actively involved with the
Family Reading Partnership. He has worked as a
classroom teacher, as a teacher and program developer
at a university reading center, and as the director of
education programs at a community center. In addition to
producing a reading curriculum, The ABeCeDarian
Company also provides teacher workshops nationally and
expert tutoring in reading, writing, and math locally.

About Andrea Hazard: Andrea Hazard earned a Ph.D. in
biochemistry from the University of Rochester. Hazard
worked for many years as a research scientist, and left
academia in 2001, to use her passion for science as a
writer and illustrator. Hazard has written several children’s
science articles for Odyssey Magazine, and the American
Chemical Society. She began collaborating with Michael
Bend on the companion storybooks for the ABeCeDarian
Reading Program in 2009 and completed the project in
spring of 2010.

For more information about ABeCeDarian Company and
the ABeCeDarian Reading Program, visit

For more information about author and illustrator Andrea
Hazard, visit
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